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POLITICAL TERM LIMITS - Not a Good Solution for America


Time's Up!!!

For Some Good Effective Politicians

Term limits are not a panacea for entrenching special interest corruption

I don't agree with term limits    Here's why

A forty year political activist, I remember when term limits were put into place. It was touted term limits would oust the corrupt politician.  Nothing can be further from the truth. It was the Republican Party who initiated this legal way to bar the Democratic strong hold that was being held at the time.  The Party found a way to get their candidates elected, but it backfired in many ways, and in many elections.  When they had good candidates in office, they lost them because their candidate could not re-run, or had to run against an incumbent for another seat where those constituents were not familiar with that candidate.

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Term Limits of state legislators began to be debated in public policy around 1990, when voters in California, Oklahoma and Colorado passed citizen initiatives limiting the terms of legislators. 1996, was the first year term limits became effective.

Now the simple fact is that WE VOTE - OR SHOULD VOTE - AT EACH ELECTION. As citizens it is our duty to vote out elected officials that are not dong their job. If we don't like what a legislator is doing - vote them out.  Don't leave it to their competitor/competing legislators to tell us that others are corrupt when most likely the one saying it is just as corrupt.

Another fact is that it is extremely expensive to run for office today.  Most reading this cannot afford to raise five million dollars to run an effective high-ranking office campaign, let alone a $50,000 (minimum) local office campaign.  This takes money, networking and financial backers.

What happens when a good elected official is "termed out" - a money machine steps in and gets elected with selective interests in holding that office, not a genuine desire to help other Americans.

When a newly elected official is sworn in, it takes years for them to network with, study the voting history, the preferences and behavior patterns of the other officials they have to work with.  Just as in most of our jobs, we don't know what the employee next to us is capable of, connected with or where they stand on issues that might concern us.  

In the same way, newly elected officials need time to learn whom they can trust on issues that concern their constituents.  Meaning our elected officials has an extremely short time to garner the appropriate knowledge in order to pass the legislations they promised.  Before you know it, they’re gone.  By the time they know who their lobbyists are and what they want; by the time they know what their fellow officials will support or destroy, it's "TIMES UP". 

The best solution is to have "campaign finance reform", and to "restore" the "financial limits" one person, one group, or one PAC (Political Action Committee) can have over, and thusly control over candidates being forced to do their bidding.  There was a time when one billionaire could not be the only supporter a candidate needs to support their entire campaign.

Where are the good and fair old days in campaign financing?

There would be no so-called "monopoly" or demonstratively "corrupt officials" if all citizens who are qualified to vote would do so, and consider three things:

  • VOTE - Vote at each and ever election, both local and presidential - no matter if it's for the local dog catcher - vote!.  The local offices are just as important as the national and presidential elections - sometimes more important! When citizens complain to me, I ask, "Did you vote?"
  • DONATE - I ask political complainers:  "When was the first or last time you made a donation to a candidate, even to your favorite candidate?"
  • Given the cost, struggles and hard work it takes for most candidates to study Political Science, Comparative Politics, Social Science, etc. in school; why should they not have a life-time career in what they know and love just as a doctor or teacher, etc. -- Neither of these two spend as much money to get there.

If you don't vote for your candidate of choice (or for the lesser of the two evils), the other candidate automatically gets your vote.  I say lesser of the two evils because maybe you don't think any of the candidates are good, but vote for the one that is the closest fit to your concerns because if you don't, you automatically have "voted for the other candidate" by omission.  If your politician is doing their job, why should they have to leave office?

If we don't contribute to our candidates, where do their money come from?  The answer: from big corporations, billionaires, etc.  As I mentioned, it is cost prohibitive for most of us to run a campaign to simply let people know by mail or media that we are even in the running.

The impact of term limits in the few states where term limits have not been repealed have been tremendous. Term limits reduce the knowledge of legislators; lobbyists become even more empowered, and lessens the effectiveness of those whom we entrust our quality of life to.
    It has been known that because of term limits; simultaneously, the Speaker of the House, hundreds of House Members, Senate Presidents, Majority and Minority Leaders, Budget Committee Members/Chairs, and others were unable to run for their seat again.  Some were completely ineligible to re-run anywhere.  This is utterly ridiculous - as citizens, if we don't like what they're doing - we vote them out.

    I will probably re-blog on the legal details, the political fallout, etc., should this "term limits" issue become something we need a rallying cry about - then, I will have more to say 👄

    Monday, February 27, 2017

    Wanda Interview Greg Kirkorian-School Board Member/Candidate

    DONNA BRAZILE - A Powerful Legacy for the Democratic Party


    Your "Legacy" reads "You have served our Party well"  

    It's time for the Democrats to stop NAME-BLAMING

    I found myself often over the years stopping my remote because I came across your show.  You are always point-on-accurate in your reporting.  The manner and demeanor you always displayed is role-modeling.  You have and still serves the Democratic Party well over the years, especially your constituents - and I am not one that likes to separate groups, but you have served the Black community well.  Everyone I have heard over these many years say "she's great".

    The assertions are a convenient disruption from the Party moving on.

    As a good political activist, I could write questions for my candidate to practice before a debate, and they would be the exact same questions all candidates would be preparing to answer, AND, I don't have to see anyone's preparation speeches or questions, etc. beforehand.  The issues are right there before you, if you are an astute political activist you know what the questions and issues will be and you must prepare your candidate to respond effectively, just as I have done for myself, and many candidates for over forty years. 

    I am so tired of so-called Democrats still whining about Bernie Sanders when he's not even a Democrat, and we don't know what his agenda is. He stated none during his campaign.  

    I'm sure, if you read one of my recent Blogs, you would glean that I am so disappointed in Bernie Sanders for disrupting the party while campaigning, and still is, or at least he is not doing what a loyal Democrat would do even after they loose the election; he is doing nothing to bring the party together.  He's not a Democrat and should not have been running on the Democratic ticket, and should not be considered an issue with the party other than to move on from his disruption. Note, I would have voted for him if he had won the primary.

    I hope you continue your work for the party as the party moves forward, just as the Republican Party moved on from Mitt Romney; the Rep Party won in spite of their Party's fears.

    Michael Sainato, good article, but as you can see, as always, I had a few things to say 👍

    Sunday, February 5, 2017

    AFFIRMATIVE ACTION IS BLACK HISTORY Hear what college bound studens had to say

    Posted By:  Wanda's Video Achives

    Black History Month Celebrates, we celebrate all historical Black achievements. African Americans fought hard to achieve Affirmative Action in Higher Education, in the workplace and elsewhere

    Now Affirmatie Action has been regulated to the soon-to-be distant past.

    Do we still need it? 

    Hear what high school students where Wanda worked had to say in 2004, when the challenge to Affirmative Action had caused a rippling effect on African Ammerican collebe-bound youths.