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NATIONAL AMERICAN MISS...365 !!!: Former Miss California Teen is Elected VP at USC!

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Jordan Fowler is a former National American Miss winner
 Was just elected VP at USC!  Jordan ran on the first ever all female ticket! 

Congratulations Jordan Fowler for being elected VP at USC

Jordan interviews and crowns Queens at
A'Dorn Studios "Black Model of the Year" - "Little Miss" and "Miss Teen"
Photo from A'Dorn Studios

Jordan was such an outstanding young woman then at age 13, it's no surprise that she is a powerful, talented and successful woman of today.  

Jordan was a Special Guest at A'Dorn Studios "Black Model of the year" Pageant when she reigned as "Miss California Jr. Teen".  

She interviewed our "Miss Teen" and "Little Miss" contestants, then elegantly crowned our Queens.

Hear her dynamic audio greeting to pageant audience visit A'Dorn Studios  Model's Page.

Jordan being crowned "Miss Jr. California Teen"
Photos from National American Miss

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Another "Wanda's Favorite" Poster - Young People...Get a Job...Get Your Own Place...Pay Your Own Bills...

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BILL COSBY INTERVIEWED ABOUT ALLEGATIONS...Let's move on to current actual news!

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Let's move on to some actual news!

I read an article today where apparently writer Dana C. Ayers of The Reel Network read my of Friday, May 1, 2015 (Bill Huxtabel), whereby she repeated almost the same words I presented in my article back then.

I'm glad the public is getting the picture.

Great, we've heard him not break his silence.  I'm sure we all know that his attorneys have prepared him to answer only the questions asked of him because you're damned if you do, and damned if you don't.

It's time to move on.  

This now has become old news that distracts from Mr. Cosby's unquestioned outstanding legacy as some would like us to do, and prevents him from contributing to the success of other talent of all ethnic groups, as he has done in the past.  When I look at many successful stars today, I have seen their faces in Mr. Cosby's works before.

A commenter said that Mr. Cosby should sit down with Diane Sawyer with Camille, his wife.  Why should Mr. Cosby sit down with anybody?  He has a right, like in court, to not defend himself.  The burden of proving guilt is on the accuser, not the defendant.  He can sit there in court and say nothing, and the accuser has to prove-up their case beyond a certain level of doubt.  If the women didn't think it was important enough to report a problem but their careers were more important, I believe I would have a reasonable doubt.  Even if a witness is under oath, the Judge will instruct the jurors that if they believe a witness has lied in one or any part of his or her testimony, the juror has the right to believe that the witness has lied in all of their testimony.

I cannot freely take the word of anyone who has not be sworn under penalty of perjury.  Some allegations might be true, but I don't have sworn answers to my many questions.

If you think my May 1st, article was full of questions, my questions are nothing compared to what a good attorney would ask in court.  Questioning may go something like this: 

Q.  When exactly did this happen?   Exact date, hour, and moment in time?

Q.  Who was present? (Witnesses who did not report a crime - more of my questions)

Q.  Why were you there?  Why in that specific location?

Q.  What happened?  Were you raped, drugged, beaten, fondled, etc?

Q.  How did it happen? Describe in exact detail how it started, what did you do in response; everything that happened upon entering the location until you exited the location?

Q.  What did you do after you exited the location?  Did you call someone, if so who, and what did you tell them?  Did you report the incident to the police, if so, which precinct, and what did you tell them?  Did you tell someone -- anyone later about the incident - if so, who did you tell, and what did you tell them.

These are mild questions.  The same questioning would go for the witnesses as well.  So until these questions are answered under oath:  BILL COSBY ... IS ... DR. HUXTABLE.

Let's move on to current actual news!

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Rev. Al Sharpton
Rev. Dr. Jesse Jackson

Its Not Time for Old Black Leadership to Resign! 

Seasoned Leaders are More Important Than Ever!

According to an AfricanGlobe article, it is time for old Black leadership to resign, calling them "media appointed Black leaders who has got to go".

The solutions offered by this article might be good ones, but have those solutions been offered to "Hannity" and "Fox News" appointees?  I think not.  Perhaps they were not accepted in the mainstream media.

The seasoned leaders are still working, but are working where they are at in today's leadership arena.  The younger leaders must work where they are at in today's leadership arena.  They can work together with the seasoned... but, oh, yes, Black people are still like the adage says, "crabs in a barrel".  Perhaps it's because the younger leaders want the limelight and money and don't know how to get it yet.  
Jesse & other "Old Leaders"
pointing to where the
assassin's bullet rang out 

Jesse Jackson with MLK at motel
just before the assassination
The article says, "The new leadership may require sacrifice and their lives as Dr. King, Malcolm X, and Medgar Evers did."  These seasoned leaders did the same thing.  Jesse had given up his life and marched just as MLK did. Rev. Sharpton was there for us after Civil Rights when they demanded a new voice, a more concessionary voice, as the mainstream media is always looking for.  Fortunately for America, Rev, Sharpton did not fall into the place they wanted.  Jesse was on that balcony with MLK when he was assassinated and could have been shot.  That's as close to giving up my life as I ever want to be - yet Jesse still continues. 

I note that the author of this article is collecting donations to go out and fight for his solutions to the problem while criticizing others for the same thing - shouldn't all leaders have our financial support - not our negative opinion support?  I usually ask every Black person who complains about Black officials this question:  "When was the last time, if ever, you've donated a dime to a candidate or leader"?  This is the reason our officials and leaders can't wheel the power they need.  It costs money to give up your job to run for office, let alone the millions of dollars it takes to successfully run for office.  

I lived in a city where there were no Black Judges.  I once served as President with the "The Black Concerns Association" as we fought to get our first Judge.  We only had three Black attorneys in town and the Crab Syndrome set in.  At a recommendations to the County meeting, some objected to either of the three, saying they are no good.  I told them that I had worked for White Judges who were no good, and that even a less experienced Judge would keep the Judges aware that there is a Black presence when making certain decisions - that's better than none at all.  We shortly received an appointment of a Professor from Stanford; a female, and top notched.  If a "leader" is present, there is  awareness that there is a "Black" presence.  

The article states, "They only show up when tragedy happens".  The leaders would be remiss in their commitment if they don't show up.  They are damned by the critics if they don't --- and damned if they do by people who want to be them, and to those who don't want to hear their seasoned opinions, or deal with their seasoned abilities to strategize.  This is why seasoned leaders are still important.

So you think its time for these great know-it-all youth to step up?  First, they need to learn what it took for these leaders to make the institutionalized changes that had crippled us from slavery until the '60's.  It only took them a decade to make sufficient changes whereby youth wanna-be leaders can write defamatory articles of the people who made it possible for them to write their articles. Before these heroes and she roes fought, there were no Blacks on TV, no Black TV news, no national Black media, especially no news media that would allow Blacks to speak freely.

What these leaders did back then, they saw no hope but they created hope.  Where are the young Black leaders who are leading us from just hope to full and equal participation in today's global society?

What have our youth leaders done?  So many have listened to and joined in the rhetoric that there is no more racism, no more discrimination, no more prejudices; that it's the victim's fault and we are stupid. Of course, it's our fault that we were the only race of people in the history of man to be forcefully lifted up from one continent, brutally dropped off on another continent.  However, by the way, I thank God for being dropped off on this side of the planet.  When I travel, upon returning to the US, I literally want to "kiss the ground" as the old saying goes - that's why I fought the civil rights fight;  America will never be perfect, but improvement is worth fighting for.

When we were dropped off in the Americas, we were not from the same Country, community, or linguistics location.  Our memories, languages, and self-strength were brutally beaten from us.  We were not allowed to read or write in this new language for hundreds of years - hundreds of generations.  Even after the Brown vs the Board of Education and the Civil Rights Bill passed, we were systematically relegated to separate but not equal education.  These laws are on the books thanks to our "Old Leaders", including Harriet Tubman, who, by the way Raven-symone, belongs on a stamp, and I commend you for learning to be a "new" youth leader.

In spite of this devastating legacy, more than 60% of Blacks are middle class to rich, more Black females have college degrees per capita than White males, and more White women are on welfare per capita than any other group.  We have surpassed the number of elected officials that we had during "Reconstruction" ~~ I consider that great works by our "Old Leaders".

I am proud of our young people who have taken up the gauntlet, but, I'm afraid complacency of new Black 60%'ers, who will never become real 1%'ers, may slowly allow doors to re-open to possible future blatant discrimination.  The old leaders lived it and would see it coming.  

The trick of life is growing to be old, bringing skills and wisdom with you - hope the young people who believe what this article states, live long enough to bring their skills and wisdom that they have not yet acquired to help the younger people coming behind them.

I liken the writer's article to telling one's parents, "You did all you could for me, you fought for me, you struggled and could have died for me, but I won't need any of your help or wisdom going forward".  When I was working in education, I had this fun  sign on my desk:
Now young leaders ~  to take up the gauntlet

    ~  Don't worry about what others are doing
    ~  Network with seasoned Leaders ~ a must-do
    ~  Find out what needs to be done ~  and do it



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     Kenya Moore finds out boyfriend James Freeman is married
    Kenya Moore finds out boyfriend, millionaire matchmaker's  James Freeman is married

    Should Women Vet Potential Serious Dating Contenders?

    Why Not?  Men Do!

    Vetting a potential dating partner, who may become more than a date, is crucial in today's social climate.

    Men have done this since time began.  In the Egyptian days, they selected wives based on their social status, today, they chose for similar but modern day's social and financial status.   Women today are in successful high-powered positions and should make sure the company they keep is fitting.   We've all heard that men don't do well when their wives make more money or are more professionally successful. That's changing just a little bit, but not much, so these are the type things to keep in mind while vetting.

    As a Life Coach, Seminar Facilitator, and former Talent Agent, for decades, I've advised Business and Professional women to have their potential partner investigated before they become serious contenders, because by then, it may be too late to let go of someone you have fallen in love with even after you find that person is not a good match.  A friend was dating a man who worked for the same governmental agency she did.  I sensed something was questionable in his conversational responses.  I told my friend I believed he was married.  Of course her response was "no he's not".  I left the conversation at that.  Weeks later, she confirmed my assessment.  When red flags come up, don't ignore them.  Often your first assessment is the correct one.
    Chief Facilitator

    Reasons professional women should vet like male professionals do:

    • The person you are interested in might become a life partner.
    • There is no perfect person.  That's a romantic ideology when we meet someone we like.  Women who start a relationship filled with romantic delusions are bound to get hurt sooner rather than later.  
    • Be judgmental -  This person might be your future.
    • Be judgmental -  This person might be the parent of your future children.
    • Women are responsible for and should be aware of what they want for their own destiny.
    • The smart woman doesn't wait for someone to bring her a fortune or happiness - she creates it.  The mate a woman chooses should add to, not create that happiness.
    • Don't be desperate to have a mate at all times - when there is no one - get to know yourself by being alone.
    • Don't try to make the impression among friends that you always have a date - they will be the first to say "I told her so", when that date later turns out to be wrong for you causing you emotional and professional setbacks.
    • Women in high-profile positions - this is a must, because as we know, there are those who will latch on to you for monetary or professional advancement.  Not that that's necessarily bad, but be aware and prepared for the "who", "what", and "whys"-type of relationship you enter into.
    • Finally, in today's world, investigate because that person may become as bad an "ex" as they were as a mate.  If you choose wisely, in the event of a divorce, and for the children's sake, who you choose can help, in what one of my seminars focuses on: "Have a Friendly Divorce".
    "How much money do you make", should be your first inquiry.  I throw this first inquiry as a joke in seminars, but good conversation follows this most serious joke.  What I mean:  find out what you can about their education, occupation, and/or career possibilities.  I find that Black women more often do not closely look at their mate's career possibilities, thus, may not be able to help them make something of those possibilities.  White women tend to zoom in on those possibilities and press their mates in the direction of those possibilities.  Set your relationship priorities and ask the tough questions on the first or no later than the second date - if you can, before the first date!

    Ladies - go ahead - do background checks - the financial cost of doing so may save you a lot of headaches and heartbreak in the future.

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    Based on Wanda's Social & Business Protocol and Etiquette Seminars
    Motto: "The World was my oyster but I used the wrong fork" ...exclaimed Oscar Wilde  

    A'Dorn Studios Ten Commandments

    The Ten Commandments of Forty

    Things one should do before the age of forty

    If you are already over forty - start now!

    Wanda Dorn
    Chief Facilitator

    When I created the Ten Commandments seminar, I had just turned thirty-five. The commandments were so much help to me that, as usual, I developed a four hour #DiversityEtiquette Personal Development seminar to the A'Dorn Studios curriculum designed with young professionals in mind, and for those influential movers and shakers over forty continuing their career evolution.

    Highlights of Wanda's Commandments

    1. Thou Shalt Do Thy Homework

    You have to learn everything you can about your business or profession by taking classes or attending meetings, etc.   After forty, find better ways to use what you already know, and establish a new sensible set of goals.

    2.  Thou Shalt Know Thy Own Style:

    Adopt a wardrobe style that works best for you.  Know what your comfort zones are - whether it's in the way you dress, the routines that work best for you, or simply the small distinctive touches that sets your recognizable style apart from other people. 

    3.  Thou Shalt Have Put Thy Sexual/Emotional Life In Order, If Possible:

    Personal problems sap your energy and divert your attention.  Unhappiness is like a disease ... it eclipses everything else.  Try and get your life in order.  Do only one of these things per year:  get married or divorced; move, buy or sell a home, or enter into or end a relationship.  

    4.  Thou Shalt Know Thy Weaknesses:

    Know, and accept the things you don't do well, can't stand, or won't do.  If you don't like oysters, stop ordering them just to prove yourself.   Get into the kind of work you enjoy, not the job people expect you to be in, or because it's well paid.

    5.  Thou Shalt Know Thy Strengths:

    You had better know what you're good at, and know the things you enjoy doing.  Know the things you do better than anyone else -- at all times do it better than anyone else.

    6.  Thou Shalt Have Started Putting Away Your "I Quit" Money:

    Put enough money away to live on for a year or two.  This has always been the hardest for me personally, because I'm a shop-alcoholic -- no excuses, find a way.  If you don't, there may come a time when the only appropriate response to your boss is, "People - I quit!"

    7.  Thou Shalt Have Successfully Networked:

    Form a network of people who "owe you".  Which means, you have to do favors for them, support them in their projects so hopefully they'll do the same for you.  In business and in politics, you need a lot of people in the right places you can rely on.

    8.  Thou Shalt Have Learned To Delegate:

    Even if you have nobody to delegate to at the moment, start thinking about it.  A person who cannot delegate will find themselves at a disadvantage in higher positions.   If you can't learn to delegate, you are condemned to remain in subordinate positions.

    9.  Thou Shalt Have Learned When To Keep Thy Mouth Shut:

    Don't gossip or talk about your plans.  More careers are aborted by careless running-your-mouth talk than by anything else.  A reputation for keeping secrets far outweigh the easy popularity gossiping wins you.  In politics and upper management, secrecy is golden.

    10.  Thou Shalt Not Worship False Gods:

    Remain loyal to the person you work for!  In modern business, the way to the top is by establishing a reputation as a "stand-up person".  A reputation for disloyalty ultimately is bound to make you unwelcome anywhere in business.


    Blog based on Wanda's Social & Business Protocol and Etiquette Seminars
    Motto: "The World was my oyster but I used the wrong fork" ... exclaimed Oscar Wilde   
    Blog by  +Wanda Dorn          #DiversityEtiquette            #wandascafe

    The Ebonic Speaker ...

    Or What Do We Have Here?

    Ebonics ... or Black English 

    Wanda Dorn
    Chief Facilitator

    Since entering Modeling School in Chicago at sixteen, nothing has impacted my self-esteem more than attending an Ebonics  lecture by my surrogate sister Brenda Ray at San Jose State.  The class changed the way I looked at myself as a Black person, and the "Black language".  What I write here is mostly taken from the chapter in my book on Ebonics  published in 1991, now out of print.

    I was a guest speak at a National Black Speech and Language Association convention before Ebonics became popular, and was impressed by their study of the Black language. I later spoke with Black teachers in Oakland  where Ebonics media coverage began, and interviewed experts on my cable television shows, as well as with students in my classes.

    This is how the experts define Ebonics 
    Ebony = Black   &  Phonics = Sound

    As the experts took up the debate of Black English, they began by referring to it as the "Black sound", "ebony phonics", "Black phonics", or "the Black phonetical speech pattern", etc.   The term "Ebonics", became a natural evolution -- that's how Ebonics was born.

    Now, before you say, as I have often hear, "I don't speak Ebonics".  As the experts define Ebonics, the Black sound is not that one doesn't speak English correctly, because most of us do, it is more the level in which you speak.  Compare a newscaster with a less educated person, both speak with the ebony sound, but one may use incorrect English. 

    The experts I spoke with define Ebonics as our "first language" making us basically bi-lingual ...  something I  take pride in.  Doctors, lawyers, and professionals  who speak grammatically correct King's English with  the highest levels of education have the ebony-phonics sound.  Black newscaster, if you are not looking at the television set, you immediately recognize the "sound" and the "intonations" put on words. They speak two languages, a public language (if you will), and enjoy their "get down bro/sis" Ebonics first language in social circles.  It's comfortable to speak in our first language and as most professionals do, use a universal language in public.  

    Another defining characteristic of the Ebonic speaker, I have observed, they leave off the "th", the "ed", the final "d", and the final "t" on words like "Hyde park" would be "hi park".  They call that "slang", but when the immigrants from other countries do not speak perfect English, its exotic ... they get the movie roles today.

    A society determines the perceptions and attitudes of the language spoken within that society.  The claim has been that cultural deprivation and low class status is the basis for the Ebonic speaker's linguistic and cognitive deficiencies; that the language is sub-standard.  Some believe Ebonic speakers must learn "correct" and/or "acceptable" language, or "standard English", or "White people's English"; a terrible stigma often shared by Black people as well.  

    We are ashamed of our language which makes us regard ourselves as "inferior" speakers.  Often, Black children, and even some adults won't talk in  public, especially to a White person, afraid they would speak incorrectly, which put our children at a disadvantage.

    Roger D. Abrahams, author of Talking Black, says a person's image of themselves is intimately bound up with the ways in which one talks.  To criticize a way of speaking or to designate it in any way, is to attack the image a person has of themselves.  That is exactly what is perpetrated on the Ebonic speaker, and what I referred to in my opening comment.

    Some experts expressed that Black English or the Black "accent"  is influenced by the geographical areas slaves and their descendants were located, and the way in which the Africans were taught to speak English, and by whom in pre slavery trading days, supporting  the argument that Black language is indeed a separate language here in America.  

    African traders spoke a pidgin English, a trade language or an assimilation of English along with several West African languages.  The Black English and the West African languages have strong similarities in areas as syntax, semantics, phonology, ideophonics, and other nonverbal systems, which further supports the theory that Ebonics is a language in itself.

    In the Oakland schools, the teachers were trying to get extra school funding so that their students could get extra help in English because as we know, as one speaks, is the way one writes.  Also, the old "English 101" classes are no longer offered in college or they are being filled by "English as a Second Language" (ESL) learners.  Blacks who need special attention, especially those who live in institutionalized segregated communities are not allowed in those classes.  They have conveniently been redefined, I believe, as English Language Development/Proficiency(ELD/ELP).

    Bob Ross of Prince George's NAACP says current test scores show African-American students in Prince George’s County Public Schools are performing poorly when it comes to the fundamentals of English reading and writing. He says he believes it’s not just African-American students who have yet to master the English language, but all students in the school system.  He wants money to be spent countywide on the problem.  This is what the Oakland teachers were asking for way back then.  Perhaps now that is is labeled "all students" who have difficulty in English, the money the Oakland teachers wanted will be forthcoming.

    Among Blacks, there are two schools of thought:  one, that we should not allow anyone to dictate to us how to talk and no changes should be made.  The other side believes bi-lingual is best.  We can speak our first language socially and professionally...  "when in Rome" - speak the way Romans do? 

    Which side do you fall on? 

    Friday, May 1, 2015


    Blog by  +Wanda Dorn      #wandascafe


    Today, I read yet another article about Mr. Cosby and three other women covered by Naturally Moi Magazine, a good magazine, but I hope it's the last I see anywhere of such articles.

    My concern is the effect this media circus has and will have on women and men who are true victims of the quid pro quo power crime of " Sexual Harassment".

    Until Gloria Allred and the women who have accused him prove otherwise, Bill Cosby "will" remain innocent, and on my list as one of several entertainers whom Blacks should applaud around the world, especially those in the entertainment industry.  If it were not for the Huxtables and A Different World, we would still be maids, cooks and sprinkled-in color on the screen.  His work paved the way for Scandal, Murder 101, Blackish, and so many others.

    When the Cosby show began, a White friend, like a best friend, had been to my home, and had visited my Black friends whose homes were even larger than my newly constructed large home was - some hanging off cliffs; Black friends with university degrees, medical degrees, etc., yet she said "The Cosby show, that's a White show".  Among other - "let me educate you" - things I said to her, "Do my friends act any different that the Huxtables"?  That's why his work is so important ... he changed the face of television as well as the image of the Black family and the Black community at large.

    I stole this photo from Mr. Cosby's
    Wikipedia page - hope he doesn't mind
    because it's a beautiful masterpiece
    There was a time the media shielded Hollywood and government insiders; fortunately that time has passed.  However, since many media and public members are acting as judge and jury, and treating this as a Salem Witch trial akin to mass hysteria at first,  I simply ask that we hold ourselves to the same standards a Judge would require of jurors in a court of law.  

    Having spent many years as an officer of the court, I believe I can say with certainty that the court operates on facts, not opinions nor emotions.  Witnesses have to be sworn in under penalty of perjury.  Perhaps that's why the women are speaking to the media and not in a court of law under oath to tell the truth ... unless you just want to believe unsubstantiated claims.  

    The women state they didn't file charges for fear of their careers.  From where I can see, none had careers of any great substance back then, and none has one now, so what did they have to loose? It is difficult for me to believe not one of these women had the backbone to go to the police?

    Statute of limitations has passed?  Why not file a civil suit?  Gloria Allred, where are the civil cases so the women can have their day in court?  Almost anything can constitute a Cause of Action for a civil suit.  It's a no-brainer. 

    I have been in and around entertainment, the legal system, education, and trained models for many years. We've all heard of the casting couch, or "let me get next to him so he can help me with my career" game.  Why would a teenager allegedly be alone with him without parents at Playboy?  I worked at Playboy in Chicago, and teenagers were not allowed without their parents, but I wasn't there ... Why would a woman go to his hotel room, his dressing room, or visit a married man's wife's home alone with him ...  these are not the places where auditions are held.  

    "Has anyone checked the bank accounts of the women lately", paraphrasing someone in an article I read somewhere? One of the women allegedly owes ten thousand dollars in back taxes. 

    I hold in high regard those of his colleagues who have the professional etiquette to refrain from playing judge and jury, and as one aptly said that he won't "Kick a man when he's down".  Some, like comedian Kenan Thompson, has no problem jumping on the negativity bandwagon.  Samuel Jackson said, "Where there's smoke, there's fire".  In court, a defendant is not tried based on smoke, fire, nor prior guilty conduct.  Its based on sworn-in witnesses and substantive evidence pertaining to that, and only that case currently before the court.  Mr. Thompson and Mr. Jackson may find themselves in the same or similar predicament one day. 

    How many times have Black men in particular, in positions of power, been slandered or falsely accused where many have rushed to judgment, to be proven wrong later. 

    Those with opinions, what you say could cause you to be subpoenaed, as a witness should one of the cases be brought to trial.   If the women have witnesses to their accusations, and those witnesses have not reported "the crime", are they are guilty of aiding and abetting before and/or after the fact, and could they be prosecuted?

    Wanda on dais with Dr. Alvin Poussaint
     consultant to the Bill Cosby Show

    Judge Steve Stevens standing
    I appeared as a guest on Mr. Cosby's show You Bet Your Life, and visited his home for a political event, I'm so honored to have been in the presence of someone who has done so much for so many.

    I cannot say whether or not any of the women's accusations are valid, but until I hear sworn testimony, I will hold myself to court and legal standards, which are... "Not guilty until proven guilty". 

    Until then, and no matter how it turns out, Bill Cosby is still 
    the Black screen-image-preception-changer Dr. Huxtable!