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When Columbus arrived - who was here?

When Columbus arrived in the Americas - who was here?

I wrote this information on the above post

My study of history revealed the African "Moors" had already been here, in Spain & worldwide, for centuries. That part of history is left out. It was said that upon arrival, Columbus said "They (Blacks) were already here". We know the Indigenous People were already here.  I am sharing the type of history I studied about the subject.  You might recognized the material I share here from history sources.


The Moors were initially of Berber and Arab descent, though the term was later applied to Africans, Iberian Christian converts to Islam, and people of mixed ancestry. As early as the Middle Ages, “Moors were commonly viewed as being mostly black or very swarthy, and hence the word is often used for negro,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary of African American English.

The Moors were the nomadic inhabitants of the North African continent. They invaded the Iberian peninsula in 711, defeating the Visigoths, and established their rule for almost 800 years. The Moorish empire included most of Spain and Portugal; the Moors attempted to invade France as well.

Who were the Moors and what did they do? Of mixed Arab, Spanish, and Amazigh (Berber) origins, the Moors created the Islamic Andalusian civilization and subsequently settled as refugees in the Maghreb (in the region of North Africa) between the 11th and 17th centuries.


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Black Americans - Crabs In a Barrel Syndrome


     Crabs in a Barrel
A person or persons sabotaging others from moving upward no matter what  hard work they did to ready themselves to crawl out of the barrel



A Black person can hate or be jealous of another Black person over something like a promotion, or a Facebook/Twitter page, or how they successfully interact with the majority group --- in other words: “Black jealousy” inflicts danger for successful Blacks, especially “newcomers” in competition.  The syndrome is:
                                   "If I can't have it - You can't have It”

My expertise in the area of the crab syndrome began as I sat listening at the feet of my great grandparents, grandparents, parents, eight siblings, and a host of extended family.  I heard them discuss "crabs in a barrel syndrome", and how one Black would sabotage and discourage another Black when they see someone straddling the barrel ready to escape, the other crabs will reach up and pull someone back down into the barrel.  This leads to Blacks constantly being in competition with one another more often than competing with the White successful person.

Some Blacks would prefer to pull another down than to help push another out of the barrel, jeopardizing the success potential of that person, and at the same time not understanding  they are endangering their own success, opportunities, social growth, or financial growth – not even to help the success of even a friend --- "if I can't have it - they can't have it”.

Important to know, those who get out of the barrel often won't reach back and try and help someone else get out.  

My expertise in this phenomenon has continued as a Black and a woman throughout my life's very diverse evolution.  For instance, the Producers of the Bill Cosby Show "You Bet Your Life", had me as a guest on the show because they were intrigued by the fact that I had been the "first Black" thirteen times, in either business, jobs, groups or organizations.  I’m writing much of this blog based on the book I wrote for the numerous classes, seminars and trainings I do, entitled "The Only Minority in the Workplace, Group or Organizations", to be re-published for the public, (one of four books) registered with the Writers Guild of America    A'Dorn Studios http://www.ADORNSTUDIOS.ORG/

                               Here's How Crab Mentality Works

While I see this as a more “social mentality” than it is a deep-seeded racial or prejudicial issue that we need the country at large to address, but it is a cultural self-growth internal development issue. It is my belief that the origins of this syndrome continued evolving from the slave days of the Willie Lynch speech making era; pitting one Black against another, or one group or type against their counter-persons.  That, coupled with the “House N…..”, who would sell out the “Field N....." because they felt superior because the owner chose them to work in the house.  As a result of these indoctrinations, Blacks still see each other stereotypically the same as the media portrays us today; as all living in "the hood", inferior, and dumb.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  
Playing the Crab forward to recent eras - the "quotas" and "the first Black" evolutionary actions continued to damage the internal Black cultural relationships of pitting one against the other, establishing what amounts to a new "House N....." in a more modern subtle manner.  The quota was established on the pretext there were "no qualified Blacks", therefore the "firsts" were necessary, and we honor them today, but Blacks now need to identify with the causal effects these era identifications has had - and just know that the crabs still in the barrel - and the crabs that got out are equal!
Most Blacks historically grew up living with limited exposure to other ethnicities, so when they get out of the barrel, they hold on to the belief that they are the "only ones" out of the barrel.  Thusly, they will join the Whites in berating and competing with other Blacks.  Or they will self-servingly nudge the Whites and/or others on in what amounts to harassment and sabotage of the "new one".  If you noticed, when Obama became President, even notable Black figures had more negatively to say in public or behind the scenes when the “mic” was “still” on. There are judges on the bench who will rule against Blacks more harshly than they will others. 
In my book I talk about the "new" Black, or a new person that doesn't look like the members of the group in charge - they stand out.  I delve into the (6) six categories that a new-comer will absolutely be placed in by the originals.  The new-comer cannot just be themselves; they will be designated and placed into one of the six categories.  When they are designated to the category that the majority group can accept.  The Black person wil “join in” with the originals in order to keep their place in the group, not realizing that they too had been placed in one of those categories when they first joined the group and continue to be in that designated category for all the time they are there.  More likely than not, Blacks were placed in one or the other of two categories: "The Uncle Tom", or "The Buffoon". 
There is only one of the six categories that I will accept because they will not allow me to be Wanda Dorn.  We need to study the categories to know who you're going to become.  I WILL NOT ACCEPT being designated in either of the other five. It would take another blog to describe the one I chose and why.

I stress in my book and classes the fact that Blacks, women, zaftig people, and  other minorities, will without exception nor consent, be placed in one of the six categories.  That category is usually directly in correlation with their ethnicity.


I have found in other ethnic groups, cultures, and even in the workplace we often suffer the same syndrome because Blacks and other groups more often do not support each other.


How do you avoid these "crab hands

You crawl out of the barrel alone  
Never let them steal your determination 
Never let others build their ego at your expense
When you see they have "crab behavior"
 "If I can't have it - Neither can you”
You get as far away from them as possible  

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Wanda Dorn interviews KWANZZAA creator Dr. Maulana Karenga.  Learn the seven principles of how to celebrate the BlackAfrican American holiday.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

RIP Actress and Friend JA'NET DUBOIS

RIP Actress and Friend JA'NET DUBOIS


Ja'Net Dubois is World-widely is known as "Wilona Woods" on the famed show "Good Times".

As a multi-talented diverse performer, among her prolific Industry works, she wrote and sang the theme song "Movin' on Up" for the long-running television show "The Jeffersons" also winning Emmy Awards for her renowned voice and diction work on the WB series "The PJs".

Ja'Net Dubois was found dead in her Glendale, California home on Tuesday 2/18/20.  The family reported to TMZ that the Ja'net died unexpectedly in her sleep.


Here, I've located just a few photos of the opportunities over the years I've worked with this GREAT LADY - as she lent her fame to my work; as she visited my home in San Jose, California, where I began "A'Dorn Studios SAG Franchised Modeling School and Talent Agency", in 1979. I was also honored to spend time traversing the San Francisco Bay Area as she made her TV, Radio and other appearances.


Ja'Net hosted two Pageants and other appearances first in 1985, in San Jose, California.  last time I saw Ja'Net was out shopping in Glendale where I also lived.  That chance meeting was just after she had honored us with being a "Special Guest" at our final "A'Dorn Studios Pageant" which was held in Glendale, 2004.   

1st of 3 shows Ja'Net hosted for us -1985

Ja'Net/Queen Patrice/joh
Ja'Net/Patrice/Wanda snack after show

Second of (3) Pageant she hosted for us/Wanda/Co-host Jimmy Mayo
Models Escort Ja'Net for her "Final Walk

Readying for a SanFranciscoTV show

Ja'Net-my home ready to  do a TV show
Friend Andre/Bus Associates Gail/Gliff
Ja'Net appear on my 1st of 3 TV shows
Visit Mr&.Ms.Lionel Richie backstage  

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Diversity Etiquette: A Discussion on White Privilege

Blog by +Wanda Dorn 

White Privilege?! I call it hard work. Look at countries where the majority population is black. Would you live there? Most of those people live below any version of 'poor' that we can imagine; they live in hovels - go to the bathroom on the ground outside - disfigure females, which are considered property. There is no rule of law. America is the magnet for such people who are weary of slavery. If you don't see the irony in black people bad mouthing white people in light of what blacks do to blacks every single day and a thousand time worse, then my comment ends here.

This is as a result of our hard unpaid labour as slaves and institutionalized discrimination.

By the way, I don't go to the bathroom on the ground.

There are more White men who commit murder on White men per capita than any other group.  And the Queen sent her criminals to the shores of America to get rid of the Criminals.  This is what this country is built of.   White Privilege is when White people go in and brutally take what they want including the riches of other countries leaving millions of dead bodies behind - Native Americans and Black Slaves.

So let's stop creating victims of those of us who are as good as you, as hard working as you, and don't want people like you degrading them any more than you would want to be degraded.  There are good and there are bad in every group. And if the on-percenters weren't so greedy, most all of us would have maids to clean our toilets, including the White Appalachian Mountains and White trailer trash.  See name calling is bad no matter whose mouth it comes out of.

If you were so great, why aren't you a billionaire, in the White House and not sitting on your computer building your ego at other people's expense.  Why don't you tell the millions of White women to get off welfare and the millions of White men to stop drawing unemployment - according to you, White people are perfect, there should be no White murders, no White rapes, etc.

It is only a small percentage of Blacks who are poor or in jail and the rest of us don't and won't stand by while you villainize us.  When you do that, each time I walk into a store or to make a deal in my business, I first have to prove that I am over qualified first when a White woman with less to offer than me is believed, because of the color of her skin and people talking like you she gets preferential treatment. I worked as hard as she did to get there, maybe harder.  I pay as much taxes as you and that White woman above, my family and friends have fought in as many wars ... and we will continue to demand we be treated like it.

And besides we are talking about Americans, not Black or Whites from other countries. I could take hours breaking that down to you, but you needed to have attended my diversity classes, you and I would have had a great time.  I would have probably learned a lot from you, and I know you would have learned a lot from me.  In my diversity classes, we get down and dirty and all come up smelling like a rose with better understanding and tolerance.  I hope this addresses your concerns.

First of all you didn't come to these shores, you were criminals who were sent to the shores to get you out of their country because you were criminals.  You did not fight the civil war among yourselves, Black fought along side you.  The first shot of the civil war was shot by Christopher Attucks, a Black man.  You did not free us from slavery, we fought and died ugly deaths, we fought racism to the death to get our rights.  We don't have to tell you we appreciate your freeing us, they did it because of the economy, and we fought for equality.  You owe us reparations.  Those people who came to the shores as you put it, benefitted from 400 years of free labor.  If I had one free laborer for four years, I can't imagine how much more successful I would have been.   Have the inventions that ocured in this country were Black inventions, could have been more because Blacks couldn't patten their inventions, their slave masters did.  Just like the long lasting light bulb was a Black invention, not Graham Bell... the list goes on.

Stop building your ego insulting others.  Just stick to the facts and perhaps we can all live together helping each other and working together.  If you complained about the one-percenters hogging all the money, perhaps the poor wouldn't have to struggle so hard. 

Speaking of struggling so hard, ask yourself why if Whites are perfect, there are White criminals, Whites on welfare and the list goes on.  We can help change things, but we can't do it by name calling and denying the truth of our history.

Wanda Dorn hosts models on her TV show "Society Pages"