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Congressman John Shimkus Asks:

Why Should Men Pay For Prenatal Care

Here Are Some Reasons why these same-minded men should read this and listen to their constituents


The Affordable Care Act requires all plans to cover maternity services.

Men should stop making women pregnant if they don't want to pay for their joy after the deed is done. 

We should make it a law:  if a man impregnates a woman or their wives again, he should medically have himself castrated so he would never have to pay for any health care, prenatal care, child support, child care, or any other expenses related to the child again. 

This is a comment I wrote after a same-minded legislator said we should make abortions illegal.  https-//www.facebook.co1151986
We should make it illegal for men to "desert" their children; which mean they should pay fair child support no matter what city or country the man runs to.
Before any father buys a new home or new boat, marry again, or have more children - their wages should be attached for every child they left behind... that's what "desert" means.  That's why women sometimes elect to have abortions because they know they won't get financial or parental help from the "baby daddy". 

Your willingness to make men (yourselves) blameless, and not wanting to take any responsibility for these children you men enjoyed making - this creates a permanent second class citizenship. 

That's what establishing a government by oligarchy is - and that's unfortunate and just simply wrong - we can't do that.

They appear to be hoping minorities would procreate less.  

Well, gentlemen, let me go back before the era of successful birth control, when women were at the mercy of their husbands, their lying boyfriends, and their rapists.  CHECK YOUR FACTS.  More White women were having illegitimate children than other group. 

Dick Gregory was one of the most powerful leaders in the civil rights era.  Thank God he was not a premier leader or he would have been challenged and broken.  Take it from me, his voice was heard.  

On this issue, he had the most profound analysis that effected my self esteem and pride in my Black women. 

He analyzed back then:
  • Black women have the babies and the extended family raises the child.
Today, there are more White women on welfare than any other racial group.  

So White women, are you ready to care for your children without help or support from these historically Muslim-tradition thinking men? 

When I 
visited a predominantly Muslim country in the early 90's, women still had to have, in essence, an honorary male citizenship in order to work because men were in control.  Let's not revert to that.  

We don't know what laws they will levy on to us if they get away with these two draconian laws:  
  • 1.  We don't have to take care of the babies you had better have for us because we want you to be under our dominate control - and we can't do that if you are independent and not on the poverty level, which is what women are relegated to after divorcing for the most part.
  • 2.  We can have as many wives and sets of children as we want and don't have to play a part in "your" children's lives - so we can move on to the next family.  Or, better yet:  Women, you have no financial choice but to accept our non-monogamy lifestyle.

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WANDA DORN - First Black Stewardess For ...

Wanda Dorn - First Black   Stewardess for Ozark Airlines

I was the first Black Stewardess for Ozark Airline, now part of TWA.  Flying southern US routes back in those days, I faced racial, physical and verbal discrimination and actual attacks from fellow stewardesses, employees, passengers and/or airport travelers.  Wanda was working at Playboy Magazine in Chicago when she was hired by Ozark.

Wanda stands next to a DC3 prop jet plane, a 24-seat plane that she flew along with the DC9 and 707.  Later, they were  just putting on the 747 in 1970.  (photoshopped photo above for temporary book cover)

Wanda celebrate following airline training graduation

One of the events I cover in my book - I had to pray and help passengers through an emergency belly landing.  It's all in my book soon to be published: "Welcome Aboard Flight ... We Don't Hire Colored Stewardesses".

Despite the negative unfortunate occurrences, I was excited to be covered by several newspapers and magazines.  I was treated like a celebrity.  It was an honor to have been named "Woman of the Year" by a popular fraternity.

But I will tell all my exciting and difficult experiences in my book.

Airline graduation next day newspaper headline

Airline training graduation photo.   We were lined up by age. Note -  I was fourth from the youngest (smile).

The newspaper writer who took this photo headlined the article: "The Prettiest 'V' I Ever Did See" - I have a photo where we were captured on the stairs in a "V"

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