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Mr. Cosby Seeks Court Sanctions Against an Accuser over deposition leaks 

If someone signs a "confidentially agreement" before a judge in a court of law and, if represented by an attorney, their attorney is present, that agreement is legally binding to all parties involved.  It is a violation of said agreement if one party breaches and divulge information contained therein.  Courts in any subsequent action, barring unusual circumstances, cannot use the information.   This according to Reuters.

The party, who violates this agreement, can be "sanctioned" or "monetarily" penalized for violating that agreement.  Which is Mr. Cosby's right to ask for.  She agreed to seal the information in exchange for "money".   She never filed a criminal charge against him -- she went for the money, which is her right if that's the way she wanted to handle it.

I have sealed more than two hundred court documents.  The courtroom is (normally) closed to spectators when these agreements are made so that the information contained in the agreement is between the parties in question only.  The way I sealed a document, it cannot be opened without detection. That is how important it is for the documents to remain confidential.

This is how most divorce; custody, property, corporate, and other legal disputes are resolved.  I would hate to see all the wealthy people find that a legal precedence has been set and all sealed agreements are released because the public says that the injured party is automatically the plaintiff --  or the guilty party is the person or company they don't like, and they just "want" to know, but do not have a "legal right" to know what's contained in a sealed agreement. 

Like the case in question, it was not an admission of guilt or a criminal-trial-judge-or-jury conviction, it was a "nuisance" settlement.   Most of us have been in a car accident where we filed a claim, and the insurance company, not admitting responsibility, often offers a minimal settlement rather than engage in a long costly drawn out trial.  That is what in the legal system is referred to as a nuisance settlement.  That's what this amounted to -- a settlement rather than fight and make a public scandal of it -- which the media eventually did anyway.  There was no trial, we don't know whether she is telling the truth, lying or wanting money.  We were not there at the time of the alleged act.  What we do know is that she agreed not to go to trial and accepted money instead, and further signed a legal and binding agreement not to divulge the contents of the agreement.

There is another phrase in the legal system called "clean hands" where a party's actions should not be called into question.  It looks as if she cannot go into another court on this issue with clean hands.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

MICHAEL JACKSON, BILL COSBY - Media vs. African American Male Public Figures

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The Media vs. African American Male Public Figures

Below is a blog I wrote about Michael Jackson as the media assassination continued even after his death.   This article appeared in the Huffington Post back in July, 2009 

Just wanted to share how similar the Bill Cosby media assassination is as it continues to unfold. Remember, Michael was found "not guilty" even after most had rushed to judgement and persecuted him based on  media frenzy

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Subject:      Michael Jackson and African American Public Figures Vs. The Media
Date:      July 8, 2009 10:31:49 PM PDT

Now perhaps Michael can rest in peace from the biased media.  Like in life, breaking down barriers, Michael has introduced the insensitive media to a new thought, African American males are not fair game for insensitive, biased and racially angry style coverage.

Michael has not been proven guilty.  White males have been sued for many things where they pay people off. When you have un-classy persons as the boy and mom whom Michael went to trial against comes forward for money you fight or you pay.  Note that during the trial, their time-line was not on point, something that you wouldn't do if you were telling the truth.  If everyone remembers, the Jackson family was there in force despite the reports that they don't get along, including Father Joe.  They are always there for each other.   Remember, they also filing for malicious prosecution because of the influence of the media's zealous on the prosecution staff.  I understand why they didn't, because it would have given the media pendants more fuel for their "opinions".

As for Michael sleeping with children, Elvis slept in the same bed with a teenaged girl for years, imported her across state and country lines.  No one called him a pedophile, no one wanted him charged and arrested.  Woody Allen admitted not only sleeping with his own teen daughter, but admitted having sex with his underage daughter, and no one wanted him charged and arrested.

As for Michael and drugs:  Elvis died in a drug bed and yet he's called a hero and people run around saying their idol "is still alive".  In movies like "Independence Day" life imitates art where people have banners to aliens "bring back Elvis".  If fans can worship Elvis and disregard his disgraceful history, African Americans and all ethnicities and peoples of the world can love Michael for his excellence and disregard "allegations" of wrongdoings without newscasters trying to tell us how his fans should feel.

As for Michael having a doctor with him at home, I am from the Elvis era, and was in the arts when Michael was, as Brooke Shields said, Michael was five starting his career.  Therefore, I followed the positives and negatives of both Elvis and Michael.  It was reported that Elvis, while in the military, I believe, was found to have spent several days locked up in a room with drugs and a doctor.   Locked up, meaning no one was allowed in.    We all know that Elvis was a drug addict during most all his career.  We are really just now hearing that perhaps Michael allegedly had problems in recent years; certainly he didn't have a drug problem all those years ago when he began to break records and break down barriers.  That is what we celebrate.  Even if the allegations are by a stretch of my imagination true, he's dead now.  My Mother said "If you don't have anything good to say about the dead, don't say anything".

I hope the media and other "holy" persons, will remember since the media is dominated by people who are of one ethnic group, the news commentators don't have dictatorship over to whom we world believes the world's leaders and icons are.  It seems that our African American male public figures are treated as a non-entity, with disregard as to how many and whom it hurts, not just the public figure, but their family, their income, their friends, and very importantly, their professional careers.  White male counterparts seem to be forgiven, protected and/or certainly reported on with more sensitivity.

As regards the soldiers coming home on the same day as Michael's memorial and receiving no coverage.  You have your President Bush to thank for that.  He dictated that there be no coverage of the soldiers returning home, did you get upset and complain about him doing that as a rule, and not just one day that Michael was memorialized.  If those who are so against Michael receiving a little of our time, tell the media and the world to tare down "Graceland" because Elvis was a pedophile, a drug addict and is still worshipped by some just as Michael will continue to be in "all" of our life times.

I can go on with parallels of the media's reporting biased, especially when reporting about African American male figures.  I thank Michael for continuing to do in death what he did in life, care about people by making changes.”   
Let me just add that I saw a documentary on Ike Turner who said it was Elvis Presley and Red Fox who re-introduced him to drugs by having the drugs in a hotel room and almost forcing the drugs on him. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015


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 Cosby's Accusers Put Their Careers Ahead of "Justice" and Did Not Prosecute

I Will Follow Suit and Not Prosecute nor Persecute Either

Cosby's so-called accusers said they put their careers before justice.  This substantiates my experienced knowledge that women will put their careers before their moral values.  They apparently tried to use him to get their career going, and when that didn't work ... let's just say a woman scorned ... I can only say, "the accusers made a 40-years ago decision that they chose to live with. I will not step back in time become judge and jury and make a legal and career destroying decision on an event that I was not witness to. 

Let me remind everyone - the files, according to my reading DID NOT SAY THAT HE DRUGGED WOMEN for sex.  It said he bought drugs for PEOPLE, just as many big time wheelers and dealers do  at parties where drugs are available for your taking - and those of you who don't know that, there are many of us who do, and most have heard it happens.

I placed the "Justice is Blind" comments in the photos above because it still appears that justice is for "just us" no matter how high on the echelon ladder we go.  I usually don't address issues like the ones depicted in the photo, so indulge me on this one. 

There was no justification for the judge releasing those documents.  The court of law does not deal in "I feel", it deals in "facts".  This judge repeated "I feel" several times.  Never quoting "I am compelled by law to release these documents".  He said he "felt" Cosby was a "hypocrite".   

If the judge wants to go by what "I feel" feelings; "I feel" his actions were callous and racist, and were against  legal common practice.  He purportedly released a 10 year old document because "he noticed that Cosby had a habit of judging choices of others without considering his own choices".  How can he say he had a "habit" when only this one case was before him, and that was not a prosecution or proven to be truthfully fact, it was a civil law suit which was in settlement mode, not guilty prosecution mode.  He stepped down from being a judge to being a citizen with an opinion.

This Judge Eduardo Robreno clearly stepped out of normal court practices.  I believe he said so himself, when he released these documents ... his justification to destroy a man who has done so much for so many is unbecoming of the many judges that I have observed and worked with for many years.  Even when it is in their view something they would like to do, they always weight their emotions with the law and always err on the side of the law.  I'm disappointed in this judge.

The documents only stated that Cosby "ONCE PURCHASED DRUGS with the expectation of giving them to women he expected to have sex with".  Not that he ever gave them to anyone or had sex with anyone.  Like a lot of us carry condoms with the expectation ...  does not prove that we rapped someone.  It may not be nice, but proof is still obscure.   

Very importantly, the request for the release of documents was not done by any one of the accusers, it was done by a White media outlet.  They spent their time and own money to have those documents released.  I have never seen media castration of any White man, like they so willingly, enthusiastically, and/or ignorantly do of Black men.  

Further it is the media whose quote "Bombshell" included a definitive statement that Cosby stated that he gave a woman drugs, when clearly it did not say that.  He said he bought them for people to have.  I will stand corrected if I misread anything. 

I have said it so many times, that it's time for Black people to wake up and smell the amaretto, read and evaluate deeper when it comes to our leaders, our legacy, and our history as this will be documented for centuries to come.  If one can make the best of us look like criminals based on unsubstantiated claims, and motives any one or all of the women here have, then when you walk through the door, what does that make you?

It is time for the Black media to challenge image casting and villainization of Black people, whether it's the boy who looks like a thug to those who want him to be, or whether it's the Black leaders or the Black job creators, instead of joining in just to get press.

If those women were not on the set, or not in the audition room, or not on the work site; they were at some location where they probably shouldn't have been if we want to speak of moral values.  They were trying to use him to get their career going, the proof is in the pudding, they chose their career over their contended abuse - that was their decision; a choice they made but are now asking the public to be their judge and jury for their ambitious immorality.  

If these women believed they were wronged, career and fear of loosing a career should be damned, I'm  calling the police.  But they made a conscious decision, so they say, to choose a career that obviously never launched any one of them very high on the totem pole of stardom.  Speaking of morals, he was a married man and they knew it when they partook of social audiences and libations with him.

I agree with whoopi Goldberg  when she states "I'm sick of this bullshit.  I join her.  I too am so tired of this bullshit.   I also agree with the new host Raven-Simone when she says, "Cosby is the reason I'm sitting here in this chair".  Raven, so are so many other Black and White talent.  These are two women I have always respected, and I respect them even more now.
Madame Prezident, Writer

The photo of young Cosby above is taken from Madame Prezident  - who some of her comments I agree with as well.

Fannie Lou Hamer, Vice-Chair
of the Mississippi Freedom
Democratic Party

Like Fannie Lou Hamer said at the Democratic National Convention in 1964, "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired". 

I'm sick and tired of certain media (not all) attempting to castrate our Black men.  I say attempting because Black men keep coming strong in spite of the adversity they face.